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Casting SPEAKING ROLES for a NON-UNION live-action drama pilot of Anthony Houhoulis’ “FAIRVIEW.” Set in a sleepy Massachusetts college town, the story centers around a group of students at Fairview University, a school for individuals with super powers. 

This production is currently expected to air on ActonTV and complies with regulations for non-commercial public access television. As such, all roles are NON-PAYING. Auditions begin on November 1, 2020.

Filming is currently set to take place in Acton, Massachusetts and the surrounding areas. Talent MUST LIVE NEARBY, as lodging and transportation will not be provided. Shoot/Start Date is set for December 2020, but could be subject to change. 

This project features a multitude of characters. As such, we are open to all races, sexes and ages for submission. We do not discriminate based on race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age nor disability. We are excited to see your audition tapes and thank you for your interest! 

COVID-19 NOTICE: Production will comply with applicable health and safety laws and regulations relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. Actors will be required to comply with Production’s then-applicable COVID-19 protocols, including any advance testing and negative test result requirements. All protocols, including timing and frequency of any required testing, are subject to change. Please do not submit if you are unwilling to comply with health and safety protocols, including COVID testing and wearing a mask.


How to Submit

Choose a role from the list below. Even if you feel you may be a good fit for multiple roles, we ask you only audition once.

Click where it says "Download Sides." You will be provided with the scene for your audition. While it’s not necessary to be off-book, we ask you not to give a cold read.

Choose a well-lit setting, with a plain background. Feel free to have another person off-camera, reading lines with you.

Begin your audition with a “slate.” State your name, age, height and the town you're from, while looking into camera. You should not be in character for the slate. Either hold up a piece of paper with the corresponding information written on it (Name, Age, Height and Town), or superimpose text onto the footage itself. After having slated, please perform your scene. 

Submit your audition video via email. You may also attach a headshot, but this is optional. In the subject line, write the character name, followed by your name in parenthesis.

For example, if your name is John Smith, submitting for the role of "James," please write: James (John Smith)

Send your submission to the following email:

We accept files through Google Drive, Dropbox and most other file sharing platforms. Although not preferred, you may submit a YouTube link of your self-tape (please keep the video "unlisted"). 

If you have been selected for a callback, you will be notified via email. Due to the volume of submissions, we cannot give feedback.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing your submission!



[Amelia Huxley] SUPPORTING, FEMALE, early 20’s, shy, cute and intelligent. A member in the college’s tech club. She is compassionate to a fault, and falls head over heels for our main character (though is too shy to let him know). DOWNLOAD SIDES

[March Dunaway] SUPPORTING, MALE, 17-19, headstrong, adventurous and studious. A freshman in University. He lives at home with his parents and commutes to school. Like any ordinary college student, he cares a bit too much of what others think of him. DOWNLOAD SIDES 

[Jane Dunaway] SUPPORTING, FEMALE, 40+, March’s mother. Happily married. When she isn’t working, she often spends her time tiding up the house, gardening or gossiping with the other mothers. DOWNLOAD SIDES

[Lawrence Dunaway] SUPPORTING, MALE, 40+, March’s father. Happily married. When he isn’t working, he enjoys engaging in various hobbies around the house. DOWNLOAD SIDES

[Phylis Zilch] SUPPORTING, FEMALE, early 20’s, intelligent and outgoing. Quite nerdy. A member in the college’s tech club, she is as much brilliant as she is socially awkward. DOWNLOAD SIDES

[Bryce Mackenzie] SUPPORTING, MALE, 16-18, quick-witted and aggressive. A senior in the nearby high school. He is close friends with March Dunaway and Dallas Stryke. Though certainly not in the popular crowd, he is the alpha male of their friend group. DOWNLOAD SIDES

[Dallas Stryke] SUPPORTING, MALE, 13-16, underclassman at the local high school, he follows Bryce’s lead - almost like a sidekick. Does his best to keep from feeling inferior, while constantly hanging out with his older friends. DOWNLOAD SIDES

[Francis Emerin] SUPPORTING, ALL GENDERS, 40+, wise and experienced, though not without faults. As the Dean of Students at the University, Francis is often involved in difficult situations, and must be resourceful when problem solving. DOWNLOAD SIDES

[Don Chamberlain] SUPPORTING, MALE, 30+, smart and understated. Professor at the University. As the leader of the tech club, he takes our main character under his wing. DOWNLOAD SIDES

[Addison Finnegan] SUPPORTING, ALL GENDERS, 30’s-40’s, a recent addition to the University’s faculty. Caught in a terrible circumstance, Addison is a wreck, often appearing distraught, disheveled, or scared. DOWNLOAD SIDES

[Kirby Ho] SUPPORTING, MALE, early 20’s, personable, comedic, and definitely not “cool.” He attends the University, and quickly befriends our main character (though it’s a miracle our main character was not scared off in the process). He is also a member of the tech club. DOWNLOAD SIDES

[Charlotte Tewksbury] SUPPORTING, FEMALE, early 20’s, stunningly beautiful and radiant, she becomes the focus of attention when she walks in the room. Our main character is instantly mesmerized upon seeing her. She is a bit of a gossip girl and is considered apart of the popular crowd. DOWNLOAD SIDES

[Aditya Singh] SUPPORTING, MALE, early 20’s, funny and likable. Another member of the University’s tech club, Aditya is the kind of guy you probably would not notice unless you were sitting next to him. He carries himself with an understated personality. DOWNLOAD SIDES

[Isabella Langston] DAY PLAYER, FEMALE, early 20’s, a classic gossip girl. She loves a good scoop when she can get it - and once she has it, she can’t keep her mouth shut. DOWNLOAD SIDES

[Taylor Campbell] DAY PLAYER, ALL GENDERS, 30+, professional and ambitious. Appearing personable is not a concern. Taylor is the assistant to the Dean of Students, looking to climb the ranks. DOWNLOAD SIDES

[Nurse] DAY PLAYER, ALL GENDERS, 40+, personable and compassionate. The nurse works at the University, often aiding students or conducting health screenings. DOWNLOAD SIDES

[Driver] DAY PLAYER, ALL GENDERS, 30+, nosey and brash. Likes to start conversations with passengers, and is not afraid to speak their mind. DOWNLOAD SIDES

[Hot Guy] DAY PLAYER, MALE, 20’s, he is, like the name suggests, a hot looking guy. DOWNLOAD SIDES